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DuPuy Family Chiropractic in Simpsonville, SC, passionately serves the greater Greenville area with a full range of health and wellness services!

Welcome to DuPuy Family Chiropractic

At DuPuy Family Chiropractic we have a proven 12 year track record at getting quick, efficient and long lasting results.

Dr. Joe has been on a health journey himself for the last 20 years. After suffering from a L5 fracture that led to severe pain and Sciatica in 1999, he passionately pursued the keys to becoming healthy and pain free naturally without medication or surgery. These same methods that have helped him all these years have now helped thousands of patients here in the upstate.

Dr. DuPuy is happy to get to know his patients in order to completely understand their needs so that he may provide the best personalized service to each and every individual. He strives to make each patient comfortable and deliver gentle and specific chiropractic care. Being well informed on how to get to the root of inflammatory issues and by optimizing healing nerve flow, he has found there is always hope in any case. We help with acute and chronic pain relief, sports injuries, personal injury, and weight loss.

Maybe you think you’ve tried everything or you are at the end of your rope and have lost all hope. Maybe you can’t remember what it is like to be without pain. If this sounds like you, don’t waste another minute of your life.

The Goal is to restore your body to its full potential, optimal form and function. Set up your appointment today for a free consultation so Dr. DuPuy can answer all your questions and concerns and begin to figure out how to help you. Looking forward to joining you on your health journey!

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About Us

Dr. Joe DuPuy is the best choice. His experience with spinal adjusting, sports injuries, extremity adjusting and the latest chiropractic treatments & technologies are second to none!

Chiropractic Care

Our natural approach is tailored to the individual to help patients of all ages recover from pain and injury & experience renewed health. We invite you for a complimentary consultation today.


Chiropractic care unlocks the body’s natural healing process & true potential for a healthy life. We can help you start feeling good again to excel at what is important in your life!

Chiropractic Adjustments​

For those patients seeking a holistic, safe, affordable and drug free approach to health care by an experienced Chiropractor in Simpsonville, SC, look no further.

In life it is inevitable that the musculo-skeletal system will be subject to stress leading to spinal misalignment’s that interfere with internal nerve flow and when left undetected can lead to irreversible spinal degeneration.

There are many things in life that cause spinal misalignment such as stress, falls, computer work, exercise, sleeping in bad positions and even the stress of being born. When life creates a misalignment, it not only causes back pain or neck pain—it can also have a negative effect on general health. With chiropractic care, the joints and general structure of the body can become fully aligned to ensure each component is acting, as it should, restoring your nerve flow resulting in improvement of your health.

Specific Chiropractic is Essential for Optimal Health

Specific Chiropractic Care begins with a full consultation and examination. Dr. DuPuy has the diagnostic tools and skills to get to the root of your symptoms. Your initial examination may include a detailed health history, palpation, muscle testing, range of motion testing, postural testing, orthopedic testing and necessary x-rays depending upon the severity and nature of your symptoms. In any case, the goal is to find the root cause of your symptoms, directing Dr. DuPuy on how to proceed with Chiropractic spinal adjustments.

Specific Chiropractic is necessary to keep all components of the body working harmoniously.  Much like dental care or car care regular maintenance is a necessity.  However, most people are unlikely to seek Chiropractic help in the first place unless a specific condition or symptom is present.   Unfortunately, its estimated that 90% of Americans never experience the benefits of spinal maintenance through Chiropractic.  Whether our patients are here because of an acute or chronic condition or for preventative maintenance care, we strive to give the best Chiropractic care possible to each and every patient on each and every visit. 

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

In infants, the most common complaints are inner ear infections, colic and digestive issues. Other common problems that can be helped are difficulty with breastfeeding, sporadic sleep patterns, allergies, breathing issues and chronic infections. These ailments can be in most cases traced to cranial and spinal misalignment’s which cause irritation to the nervous system in turn effecting the immune system and the function of the bodies systems.

 The trauma of birth is very hard on the mother and the baby.  Many mothers bring themselves and their newborns in for treatment within days of birth. More often than not, both require adjustments immediately following birth. A newborn can have spinal misalignment without any symptoms at all, so a good rule of thumb is to bring them as soon as possible following birth, and certainly within the first month, and then as each milestone is achieved. When the baby lifts his/her head, rolls over, crawls and begins to walk alignment changes and stress is placed on different areas of the spine. Regular visits to our chiropractor while the child is changing so rapidly can help avoid discomfort and pain from this growth.  Pediatric Chiropractic Care is very non invasive using safe, light and gentle forces to get amazing results.  Everyone regardless of age needs a specific Chiropractic spinal checkup!

Sports Chiropractic

While our Chiropractor is fluent in many Chiropractic techniques to keep athletes in proper alignment with their spine and extremities, Chiropractic has been known to give athletes an edge in helping them to perform at their best.  Any bone in the body can be knocked out of proper position, Total Body Chiropractic can keep you off the sidelines and help in preventing injury.  Along with adjustments, you will receive the proper stretches and therapeutic exercises to help create proper muscular strength and balance.   With nutritional and supplemental recommendations, pulsed electro magnetic exercise to reduce inflammation and improve muscle function, our athletes are able to perform at their peak!

Chiropractic Care for Car Accidents

Acute Injuries caused by car accidents naturally take time to heal.  Chiropractic has been found to successfully reduce healing time and help achieve optimal recovery.  Be warned, there are some cases where you may not feel when there is a problem in your neuro-muscular system following an accident.  Left undetected, spinal misalignment’s can cause long-term problems leading to malfunction in organ systems along with chronic pain.

It is important to get checked by a Chiropractor following an accident to determine if there are any underlying spinal problems negatively effecting your health regardless of how you feel. Chiropractic is highly successful at safely locating the root cause of any problem in your nervous system and getting you on the road back to healing quickly.

Whiplash Treatment

Initial chiropractic adjustments are gentle and custom tailored to the severity of the whiplash. We ensure the treatment is comfortable at all times while still remaining effective.

As your symptoms subside, your chiropractor will continue the rehabilitation procedure with further adjustments, mobilization and exercise. Throughout the entire process, our focus and goal is on restoring the musculo-skeletal system back to pre-accident position, eliminating misalignment that is responsible for your symptoms. By handling the actual misalignment instead of only providing pain relief, we deliver among the best whiplash treatment Simpsonville and SC have to offer with consistent results time and time again.

Doctor Grade Whole Food Supplementation

The nutritional standard in America is very poor. Every day there are many examples of this—excessive fast food, lack of fresh fruits and vegetables, overly processed grains and sugars, and the list goes on. When given proper nutrition, the human body maintains itself remarkably well. It heals itself more efficiently and upkeep is simply easier. For this reason, DuPuy Family Chiropractic in Simpsonville SC carries the complete line of  doctor grade whole food supplements, which contain all the fatty acids, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients that are missing from our daily diet. These supplements necessary to complement a healthy diet for good health.

Get Well ~ Stay Well

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